Bogo Rush




Get exclusive deals and shop items, while playing this fun and entertaining game! Catch all the groceries before they fall to the floor and are lost forever. Use power ups and special items to make catching groceries easy.

User Features

• Win exciting real world items
• Get free coupons for discounted items
• Countless power ups and upgrades to level up the player
• Interactive achievements and leaderboards
• Challenge your friends or the world, get your score to the top of the charts world wide

Client Features

• In depth tracking system to store user information
• Store and gather client data
• Use push and other notification features to keep your users up to date on new offers
• Real time visual changes made over the air to each user
• Unlimited amount of content changes to keep your user endlessly entertained


  • Construct level prototypes and final-in game levels through Photoshop and other building tools.
  • Creating the visual aspects of the game at the concept stage using 2D modelling and animation software
  • Suggest creative ideas for game environments.
  • Resolve and iterate on game environments to guarantee great play experience.
  • Adjust game environments to confirm product’s critical and commercial success.
  • Visually narrate story through creative and evocative level design and world art.
  • Mentor and lead lower classification Designers to guide design and document project and adhere to drawing and performance standards.
  • Quality tools such as design requirement documents and design guidelines to develop designs.
  • Create game experiences and map flow with visuals, story, performance and scale through iteration and rapid prototyping.
  • Developing designs and/or initial concept designs for games including game play
  • Generating game scripts and storyboards
  • Programming the game using programming languages such as C++
  • Quality testing games in a systematic and thorough way to find problems or bugs and recording precisely where the problem was discovered
  • Solving complex technical problems that occur within the game’s production
  • Disseminating knowledge to colleagues, clients, publishers and gamers
Project Details